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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks! there's no word can describe how thankful I was to them!

I know it's late but better late than never..They're my friends. Some of them I knew when I was in high school, some of them are my college-mates, most of them are my uni-mates. Few of them have been silent for years and we get reconnected back because of my big day..thank u so much guys! I love u guys so much!

my supervisors and friends from UM (dr jauh diorg konvoi beramai2)

Friends during study time in UPM (thanx dtg..syg korang!)

My hausmates (yang lelaki tu bkn yer..hehe)

My 'lepak2' friends

My closed friends in UPM

My bestfriend, Midah (she came all d way from KL with fever)

My college-mate (Azliana & Hubby, byk menolong dia ni)

My schoolmates (syg sgt2 korang)

and there is one friend that I didn't manage to take a photo with, Kak Norli and Abg Zarir (mintak maaf sgt2..smpi skrg regret sbb tak smpt amik gmbr). Nanti majlis Kak Norli, Arina datang eh :) and to Zana and Iteq, thanx for coming too, tak smpt jmpe korang sbb blk awl sgt.


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