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Monday, July 12, 2010

A letter of anger

Morning sickness is getting worse! I puke almost all the time. My stomach hurt. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating anything because I'm tired of throwing out everything that I ate. But baby is hungry inside. Poor baby. I hope this will end soon. I become hectic and tired easily . Become too lazy to do anything. Even to dress up to work or wedding ceremonies.

Some people they don't understand what you've been through. I don't ask you to understand but can you at least imagine how if you were in my shoes. I force myself to wake up and do everything that I need to do and if I could stand the nausea, I will cause I don't want to make everyone pity with my condition. So can you at least appreciate what I've done for you!

You're big enough to think and make your own decision. Don't be so selfish cause one day you might feel what i've feel today..

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