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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I miss my dance class!!!

I'm happy with my life today. I live with my husband and I'm about to get a baby. But I'm missing my routine before I get pregnant too especially the routine of driving to the gym for my dance class. What frustrated me more is there is no Fitness First gym here in JB. I did suggest them to open a branch here but they said it's too close to Singapore and because of that they could not open a branch here. I should go to S'pore just for a class..What a waste.

I always wanted to go to a dance class since I was in a high school. So when I continue my study, my housemate who was a member of FF asked me to join her, I agreed without thinking long. I hate jogging. I love games but then it's hard to find a game which you can play alone. So dancing would be the best choice that I have and by joining a gym, I knew I can make a lot of friends.

And why dancing? I've been adoring many singers in Hollywood and most of them can dance. Singers like Mariah and Whitney, they have a super good vocal but then Cassie and Beyonce look cooler because they can dance..plus they have a better body right? (I believe you can't agree more).

Mr husband also helps me find a dance class here in JB and which closer to our house. I guess you people can guess his attention and I appreciate his concern. There are few dance classes that we have seen here but they teach belly dancing and line dancing. I prefer something more funky.

There are few videos that makes me wanting more to join the dance class..Huarghhhh..I miss my dance class!!!

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