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Monday, November 14, 2011

Yuna Inspired Digi

I think I was like way behind behind behind other Yunas' fans i guess sebab baru kedek2 nak tengok Yuna Inspired Digi. Nak tengok kat tv memang da terlepas so tengoklah balik dekat youtube kan. n amazingly I become very addicted to it n I'm so jealous of her because she got to pursue her dreams. She's a very happy go lucky girl which remind me to myself back then when I'm still young (n dangerous..LOL). Tengok video2 Yuna n suddenly feel like omputih2 nak type2 in english. n believe it or not the videos does help me improve my english too since i 'm using broken english most of the time. grammar n pronounciation yang tunggang langgang. Ok da merapu. So tengoklah makcik Yuna punya video ni macam diari or perjalanan hidup dia. n her friends sangat kool. Jojo Struys was the director n I think because she's young, so she make this program in a very creative way. I like the fact that they don't have to stick to a script. Meh aku tepek salah satu episod di mana ada 'Qi' di situ *wink*

p/s: da tengok video klip Yuna - Memo..sweet hokeh!

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