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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Working area dekat bilik utama

One of my must have area is a small library/working area for me and hubby. We need a space where we can place our books, surf the net, do some work (sometimes) or just to hangout reading magazines. And I'm thankful because our house has a big space. Half of the room is our bedroom and another half is the small library/working area. I want it to be as cozy as it can be because I want to feel relax when I sit there. After we paint the room, I rearrange the working area and it makes our room looks larger. I'm sorry I don't have the picture of the work area before but here is the new working area looks.

It was only beside my bed

Sofa to hangout

And yes the stripey background is not a wallpaper. I paint it with my husband by using few colors of paint that we mix and make few more colors. I used pastel colors to give the effects of peaceful and calm. Later we could blog about the paints mixing and how to make a line background like this ok. See you soon people! Taa..


Ni zaman baru siap. Memang kemas bagai. Laa ni robok buku tu da tercabut bagai. DIsebabkan tulah nak try DIY bookshelf tu. So nanti kalau da buat bookshelf tu kite update lagi k. Gigih tak gigih lah kan nak cari kayu, nak pasirkan kayu bagai dengan 3 anak. fuhhhh.. Semoga menjadilah in sha Allah.

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