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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3 Must Have Baby-Clothes Especially For Newborn

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I would like to give you guys some tips on must-have baby clothes. I know that for a new parent who just have a baby/babies it will be quite challenging to dress up your baby for the first time. I know the feeling of you might break their bones or sprain their elbow or knee and even for me after having 3 kids, I still have that kind of feeling especially after I gave birth to my kids. And from my experience giving birth to three children in the government hospital, if you have no problem after you gave birth, you need to dress up your baby yourself. Can you imagine the feeling especially if you are a first time mother.

So this is my three must-have baby clothes to purchase for my newborn. First and foremost, no parent should miss buying the perfect one piece or rompers. This is like the must have item in every baby wardrobe. Why? This is because it is very comfortable for your baby and easy for you to dress your child in. As you might discover, dressing a child is a very difficult task as the baby tends to move a lot and not stay still. So the one piece romper is a must-have for all new parents to add into their child’s wardrobe. And when Rania was a little girl, I think 80% of her clothes are rompers/jumpers. They are like the easiest, comfiest and less-consume-time clothes. Until now, the legacy has been pass on to Ziyad. hahaha. When you have three kids, you will appreciate something which make your life easy and less-time-consume. And to be honest girls, Ziyad is like ulat beluncas when come to dressing him up. So I really2 like to dress him in rompers/jumpers.

I'm a rompers/jumpers kinda mother :-)

The next must-have baby clothing that every parent should buy for their new born child is an outer wear. Especially when they need to travel a lot in a car for a long journey or sometimes when you go on a holiday via plane or sea, outerwear is a MUST. Seriously guys, babies are more sensitive then us. They could easily get cold and if you think by covering them too much will make them uncomfortable and hot then you are wrong mommies especially for a newborn. Well hello, it's 37 degree celcius inside the womb. Can u imagine us in that temperature? Soaking with all the sweat n bau hangit (hahahaha). So mommies and daddies, please buy at least 1 outerwear for them.

When we went out for a long journey or just to the mall, I will make sure my baby wear an outerwear

Lastly, no parent should go without a nice top and bottom for your baby. Although it might be challenging to dress your baby in, but it is available in many trendy designs to choose from. It allows you to mix match and make your little one into a stylish fashionista. (Kelakar lah kan kalau kuar jalan pon pakai romper togel2 takde seluar or legging..sian baby sejuk kaki dia) For Ziyad, I will dress him in this two piece set when we have kenduri to attend or when we go to mall. And for Rania n Qisya they also like to wear two piece set when we go out. (Easy for them to move around and run in the mall actually duhhh) So ladies, share with me what is your 3 must have clothes for your baby.

Sorry no photos of Ziyad. Everything was on the phone though. But two piece makes them look stylo no?

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